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How Your Property Taxes Are Used

As a special district, Unified Fire Service Area (UFSA) is an independent governmental entity of the state of Utah. UFSA's primary source of income is property taxes which are collected from property owners located within the UFSA boundaries. UFSA's expenses can be divided into three general categories.


First, a major portion of UFSA's property tax revenue is used to pay UFSA's member fee to Unified Fire Authority (UFA). UFA is an "interlocal entity" created by UFSA, Salt Lake County, UFSA's member cities, and four additional non-UFSA cities (each a "member" of UFA). UFA is the entity that actually provides fire and emergency medical services to its members. In other words, UFA employs firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and administration, and it owns and operates all of the equipment necessary to provide fire and emergency medical services to its members. UFSA's member fee to UFA is what pays for the actual services that UFSA residents benefit from.


Second, UFSA's property tax revenue is used to purchase, improve, and maintain the real property it owns within the UFSA's boundaries. In short, UFSA owns, builds, and maintains its fire stations. These fire stations are operated by UFA and house UFA firefighters and emergency medical personnel.


Third, UFSA's property taxes pay for administrative costs of doing business. For instance, UFSA must pay for professional services including attorney, auditor, and municipal finance advisors. UFSA pays a membership fee to the Utah Association of Special Districts, which provides training and legislative lobbying support for districts across Utah. Also, UFSA pays a fee, separate from its member fee, to UFA for additional administrative services such as financial, record keeping, and property management costs. 


This is a summary of the ways in which UFSA uses your property taxes. Full copies of UFSA's audited financial statements and adopted annual budgets can be found at These documents provide thorough details of UFSA revenues and expenditures.

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