Unified Fire Service Area (UFSA) charges an Impact Fee. The fees are based upon general demand characteristics and potential Fire/EMS calls created by each class of land usage. This fee addresses the future Fire/EMS infrastructure needed to service the growth areas of the UFSA. The projected infrastructure needs will include future fire facilities costs, project timings, an inventory of existing facilities and a financing plan. Cities belonging to the UFSA have replaced their former Fire Impact Fee for the UFSA Impact Fee. The Fee Schedule is as follows:


IMPACT FEE LAND USE                      IMPACT FEE PER UNIT              COST PER 1,000 Sq Feet

Single-Family Residential (per Unit)                $433.04                                               N/A

Multi-Family Residential (per Unit)                  $318.81                                               N/A

Commercial                                                          N/A                                              $817.18

Industrial                                                               N/A                                              $121.97

Commercial Apparatus Fee                                N/A                                              $118.97

Industrial Apparatus Fee                                     N/A                                               $17.76


For a complete Impact Fee Analysis, please contact the Unified Fire Service Area at 801-743-7200 or view at 3380 South 900 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84119.


We are working on adding an online payment option.  The option will be available in the short future.


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